Monday, January 21, 2013

Creating A Meal That Can Provide Good Fortune

Some believe in good luck, and even that there are methods and practices to earning a better living and even to having more improved health as well. If you have never been one to trust in superstitions or even in how to use religion or faith to regroup the soul, you may change your mind after learning a few tips from those that have had an abundance of good luck in their lives.

Millions of people everyday try to improve their chances for better fortune and good luck. One very popular method is by the way you eat. Centuries ago, the people believed if you followed a certain diet you could actually have a better life. While that may not may not be true, it certain sparks interest for many others to try to change their lives as well just by eating different foods. It may be worth a try to see if your life can change for the better just by eating a different food selection.

Some examples of foods for good fortune are those with an Asian feel to them. Soy beans, sesame seeds, sesame bread, tuna, radishes, avocados, mushrooms, garlic and eggplants. You could create a healthy and good fortune meal such as Chinese sesame bread and tune with a small side salad of radishes and avocados with mushrooms and a dash of garlic. Rice vermicelli and many sauces such as sweet chili and sake can also be used for good luck dishes. Sushi is also popular for better fortune and won ton chips along with it. Seasonings and spices seem to be the more crucial element to having a very effective boost in your luck through foods.

Ginger, mint, green onions, cilantro, tobanjan sauce, fried onions, hot mustard and any other soy based dipping sauce you can create are used rather often in meals for good fortune. Egg rolls, dumplings, shrimp, tofu, chicken breasts and iceberg lettuce can be mixed and matched with any of the aforementioned foods to create the perfect dish also. It can be easy to create dishes for little ones to enjoy the good luck meals with their families if you make them some crispy noodles and chicken with one of the sauce choices they may enjoy.

It is not just about choosing the right foods to have better lives with your luck and wealth, it is also as imperative to set the right tone before, during and after the meals. Get the little ones involved in the preparation of the meal and if you have a regular prayer to go through while dining, then do not forget that step either. Many believe it is important to have those around you attending the meal to give some form of thanks prior to eating their foods to encourage a good and peaceful spirit. Relax after the meal and enjoy the company around you! Candles and having a peaceful setting for the meal is also encouraged by those that use these methods for good luck.


  1. "Centuries ago, the people believed if you followed a certain diet you could actually have a better life."

    I think this is true enough, in that if you follow a good, healthy diet you WILL have a better life.

  2. Hmmm, eggplant huh? I'm thinking bout making Eggplant Parmesan.....
    The only problem is my picky husband, lol and my picky kids.

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