Thursday, February 7, 2013

Warm Apple Cider Recipe

The fall seasons can bring on a whole new way of looking at your weekends. What was once a time to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather that summertime brings, is now a time to fill your home with pumpkins and get ready for the busy upcoming seasons. One method of enjoying the fall and getting ready for Thanksgiving is to dive into a fresh batch of hot apple cider. This is an age old favorite and can be made right in your kitchen. Check out any local farmers markets in your area to get the freshest of apple ciders mixes to get started!

You will need:

One gallon of your favorite brand of apple cider
Six ounces of lemonade
Six ounces of orange juice
Half cup brown sugar
One tablespoon of whole cloves
One tablespoon of allspice

The lemonade can come from a can of it that one can find in the frozen food section, or you can make your own if you wish. The orange juice can come from a carton you may already have or you can use a can of the frozen stuff for that portion as well. Next, you need to get a kettle and get brewing! Put the apple cider, the lemonade and the orange juice all together inside the kettle. Next, add in the brown sugar. Begin stirring the mixture until the sugar grains are not visible any longer. Place your spices inside a some form of bag, a cheese cloth would be completely fine for this portion. Put those spices inside that cloth in the kettle to brew. Continue to stir it and allow it to simmer for around twenty minutes.

Make sure that you serve it while it is still hot, warm for little ones. This makes a great treat for just after playing outside in the colder air. Kids can enjoy a warm cup of it while winding down with a movie next to mom and dad. They can continue their fall theme by making decorations for the windows or the fridge also by using real leaves from outside as inspiration.

This drink goes well with lots of delicious items. Pumpkin cheesecake is a tasty dessert the whole family will enjoy. Pumpkin bars, apples with peanut butter, pumpkin cookies, spice cake, apple flavored muffins, apple pie, crumbled apple pie, pumpkin pie and the list goes on and on. For the adults, this drink can actually help you unwind after a busy day and enjoy your family. It may even help you get to sleep faster at night by using this as a substitute for wine, beer, sodas or teas. All of those drinks have things them that may be bad for your health, the apple cider mix is great tasting and it is all good for you as well!


  1. I didn't know lemonade and orange juice went into an apple cider recipe! I wish I could try this one, but I'm not sure if I will be able to get any apples. They are not the most available thing in Zambia.

  2. Yeah, I didn't know that those different juices could be included in an apple cider recipe either. I am pretty sure I've only tried the traditional cider recipe, this one sounds very good though.

  3. You mentioned the Farmers Market. That is something I miss so much! I don't have anything like that where I'm located in Canada.