Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kids Cupcake Party

Being a Mom means you are also quite the party planner. Yes, every year when your kids crave something that just has to be cooler than their classmates for a birthday party idea, you have to put on your Martha Stewart hat. Coming up with ideas must encompass the age of the child, the sex and what their interests may be. One excellent idea for girls that are up to the age of ten and boys that are around four years old is a kids cupcake party. Boys and cupcakes, what a mess you must be thinking? Well, it can be controlled and the little guys seem to really love getting into it. The decorating can be the most fun part, next to eating them!

You will need some supplies:

Wax paper or a large roll of brown recycled paper
Cupcake tray liners
Cupcake mix
Sprinkles or other candies
Plastic utensils for baking (spoons spatulas)
Cupcake oven trays

First, you need to talk it over with your child. They may have their own theme they want to incorporate into the party. Some examples are Barbie, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Bratz, Xmen and so on. If they have a theme then you can take it a step further and use that theme to obtain a few treats in your local dollar store to have about for the party. They usually sell plastic rings and also toys that can be given out in treat bags for the attending children. Next, continue onward with the theme process and get some food coloring. You can create the color of icing that you want to use for the cupcakes. Some kids will prefer to do this themselves during the party, so if you have the patience, then go for it! Look up online if you need to ahead of time to have a basic color mixing chart so you know which colors you can mix that will create all sorts of character themes and superheroes for the little ones! The kids can get very creative with this activity, if you can afford to pick up a few things to decorate them, then by all means do it! Small candies that can be sprinkled on top of the cupcakes are great, as well as even items that are not edible that the kids can use as decorations for their sweet creations. Fruits can be used in small pieces mixed into the cupcakes if you wish to take it a step further such as small cherry slices, peach ones or strawberries. Make it even more fun by having the kids stand with their cupcakes and take their individual pictures with their cupcakes so they can show their own parents what they accomplished!

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  1. This is such a cool idea! I believe my son would adore doing something like this!!