Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 10 Picnic Foods

Having a family picnic? Thinking of trying to please all of your guests may be a challenge. Instead of worrying yourself, get together some recipe ideas to bring your picnic together. These foods do not have to be expensive, they simply need to be tasty and easy to clean up.

1: Crackers with some form of spread. This can be a cheese spread, or some kind of dip if you prefer that. This is great for kids and those just stopping by to say hello, that maybe are not interested in coming over for a full meal but just a quick snack.

2: Chips and other snacks. Pretzels, tortilla crisps, salsa and various dips and cheeses are excellent munchies to have on had at any picnic. They require very little to set up and clean up is a breeze!

3: Fruit trays. These are simple to create on your own and they have something to offer everyone. Little ones and adults can equally enjoy fruits cut into smaller pieces, you can place a small plate of toothpicks next to the trays and the guests can self serve until their fruit hearts are full!

4: Cookies. Another great way to bring kids and adults together is by serving a big plate of cookies. They can be made to tailor your occasion such as graduate cookies, wedding, 4th of July or someone's birthday. Make them fun and let your creativity go wild here.

5: Salads. They can be made of fruit, or the traditional bean versions. Easy to serve when prepared, you simply leave a large spoon in it with a few bowls and you are done.

6: Sandwich variations. This can be in the form of the classic lunchmeats spread out with bread and toppings available on the table. You can always get one of those already made hoagie rolls. Those can be the shape of a circle or they come in very long variations such as a six foot long one.

7: Vegetables. Perhaps you don't head to a picnic with the thought of veggies on your mind, but you certainly can enjoy them if they are done right. Get a bunch of fresh produce and cut it up into finger foods, then place a variety of dipping sauces out for your guests. Raspberry glazes, ranch salad dressing and cheese and nut bends are excellent choices.

8: BBQ. You have to create something on a grill to obtain that wonderful picnic smell. Chicken, ribs, kabobs, steaks or burgers can all be great choices. Make sure you have enough choices to go on top of the grilled foods and don't forget the buns!

9: Ice creations. Remember being a kid and going to get a snow cone? Those scoops of ice with flavors drizzled over them? You can create these at home by buying an "Icee machine" they are really cheap and so much fun for the whole party!

10: Popcorn. Yes, you can string along your Christmas tree, and it may be a huge movie favorite, but popcorn can be a good choice for picnics also. It's easy to make and kids love it!

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  1. I think I would love to go to an American picnic. These foods sound delicious, some I have never tried.